Backpack trip in Costa Rica ? 3 tips if you stop at Jaco Beach.

During the holiday season, Jaco Beach is bubbling with tourists, surfers, cars, bicycles and even skateboards. Prices fly away and on the beach, as in town, the city becomes a real obstacle course where it's very important to be armed to enjoy its beauty without breaking the bank.

As a backpacker, we appreciate being informed of bargains around us in order to save time and money to travel efficiently and for longer. Let's see below, the 3 tips to optimize your stage in Jaco Beach.


1. Where to find a dorm for no more than 15 dollars the night?

The gold rule of the experienced backpacker is to mix a great location ( where the action is) to avoid having to think about any means of transport except our legs ( it's free and healthy!) and a sweet price. 

In Jaco, the action is centered on the Avenida Pastor Diaz. Parallel to the beach, you will find nearly everything there. Souvenir Shops, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Bakery, Supermarkets, Bars and Clubs. In the middle of this avenue, you have a street called Calle bohio. Here, your location can't be better. 50 meters straight to the beach in the middle of everything you need and where all the backpackers/ surfers are.

Closer to the beach, Hotel de Hann :

Surf mood and Party, Beds on Bohio Hostel and Surf School

Peace, Surf & Friendly, Jaco Inn Hostel :


2. Where to eat for less than 3 000 colones, 5 $US ?

In Costa Rica, the national meal is the Casado. Rich and consistent, this dish is made of rice, beans, meat ( chicken, pork or eggs for the vegetarian), plantain and some vegetables. This is the main "Tico" dish you will find in every "Soda" (local restaurant) in buffet style for less than 3 000 colones, drinks included.

In Jaco Beach, Sodas are at the four corners of the city. The most famous :

Soda Garabito in Calle Lapa Verde

Marea alta in the south of the avenue Pastor Diaz

Soda Raquel in the north of the avenue Pastor Diaz




 3. Which surf spot i choose to avoid the crowd?

Important tip here if you are in Costa Rica to surf. Indeed, in Playa Jaco, there are different well-known spots : Morales ( in front of the big yellow building) which includes also the Selina spot. Really crowded during high tide time. Bohio, in front of Calle Bohio, where the waves are more powerful. Those 2 spots are in the middle of the beach. To avoid the crowd, you can go more up north (intermediate level) or more South if you are a beginner. Careful though, a lot of surf lessons take place in the south.The other tip is to go between Morales and Bohio, where you have the lifeguard hut. You will find the same rights and lefts of Morales with the power of Bohio.

If you have a surf advanced level, i will definitely recommend you to take the bus to Playa Hermosa (200 colones) and try the spot called " La Pulperia" (where the bus stops). Known to be the third most constant beach break in the world, Playa Hermosa offers powerful waves where it's fun to surf in mid-tide.

Playa Jaco


By Laurene.

Photografy sources : Wave tribe / The food poet / 

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