Esteban, Surf Instructor at Jaco Inn Surf Hostel

Also called "El Nino" a few years ago, Esteban ( the man with the blue t-shirt on the pic), is now know as the official Jaco Inn Surf instructor. Working every day at our side to teach his passion to our curious guests, we decided to make a close up on this character who is definitely much more than just a surf instructor...

 About him

Esteban was born in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica, 24 years old ago. It's been 10 years now that he tickles the waves of the Pacific Coast. A long time that makes him an expert of surfing Jaco's waves. At 18 years old, "El Nino" decides to embark in the surf teaching adventure to share his passion with the surf beginners. Good pedagogue, friendly and caring with his clients, Esteban collects amazing feedback of his Surf lessons and launches, in 2014, his own surf school, Sunrise Surf School. Eager to work, he becomes also, in parallel, a freelance surf instructor for the mythical School of the world Surf Camp and Jaco Inn Surf Hostel.



Me : Esteban, what is your best memory as a surf instructor ?

Esteban : " When i gave a lesson to a 75 years old man... and saw that he could stand up and ride a wave ! Just amazing. Surf is a sport dedicated to all, any age, any sex, as long as you have the will to take pleasure in the ocean. Everything is possible with this sport."

Me : What is the most difficult part for you in teaching surf ?

Esteban : " The fear of waves that some people may have. And it's a good thing to go against his fear. In Jaco Beach, we have good waves, perfect for beginners but that can be powerful for some. In the water, man is not in his element, on the board, we lose our natural balance and we feel the strength of the ocean, clearly stronger than us. So the fear of taking a wave at the peak, fall in the deep water and staying under the wave for few seconds can be scary.

My job is to take time to reassure my student explaining that i am on his side, and that the most important thing in the water is not to panic, to breathe and relax."

Me : How is it to work in Jaco Inn Surf Hostel?

Esteban : "Really cool! I love the natural interaction you find there between people. It's the moment we get to know the travelers around a good coffee or playing a game of pool.

Whether for surfing or to be useful to guests, the hostel is always surrounded by good vibes and every time i go there, i don't have the impression that i'm going to work actually.

Also, the team ! Just great people, most of them became my friends and i love to share my pinto with them in the morning talking about our surfing session. It's kind of a routine we have and it's pretty cool."

Me : What is your dream surf spot ?

Esteban : "Indo, for sure ! I would love to surf those perfect waves one day. I mean, we are lucky in Costa Rica to have that kind of waves quality and be able to surf in such a warm water all year round. I will not complain ! But... Indonesia is a surf trip dream i will make one day."

Me : In 10 years Esteban... ?

Esteban : "Retired girl! ( laugh). No, i wish to have a real structure for Sunrise Surf School in Jaco Beach."

Muchas gracias amigo.


By Laurene

Photography by Nickolas Saraceni
Instagram: @charizard22
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