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World class waves, a funky little beach town, and a slower way of living.


Jaco Inn Hostel, Puntarenas Province, Jaco, Costa Rica
Starting at $385.00 per person
6 nights
What you will learn?
  • Learning the perfect stance starts in the sand - our instructors will work with you to ensure you have the correct technique before paddling out.
  • Paddling is the foundation of surfing - learning correct posture and utilizing your upper body strength is essential in catching the perfect waves
  • Learning how to handle your board in the water prevents possible injury and results in smoother, more controlled wave riding. With the basics covered, the next step is standing up. Our instructors guarantee to get you standing up and riding by the end of your trip.
  • The most challenging experiences are the most rewarding. Learning to surf will take consistent effort, but we promise that it will be a life changing experience. This is a skill that you can take with you the rest of your life - whether you plan on coming back to visit us in Costa Rica, finally surf that hometown break, or sharing great photos with family and friends. 
What's included?
  • 6 night stay at our retreat - A beautiful property right in the heart of town; with tropical gardens, a coffee roastery, a cafe and a yoga studio. All of this is located in the heart of Jaco, close to the beach and the fun but away from all the noise
  • 5 surf lessons - Each lesson is 2 hours long with a certified instructor and includes a board, wax, and a rash guard. The first day our instructors will work with you in developing the basic foundations of surfing - paddling and popping up. Once you have those skills down, you can move from the beach and into the water. The next few lessons will be spent perfecting that pop up stance in the white water.From there you can move on to catching green waves and, by the end of the week, riding green waves.
  • At the completion of our beginner surf program you will be able to get in the water and catch waves on your own - this is truly an experience that will be with you the rest of your life. A week here with us in Playa Jaco will certainly leave you searching for the next wave.
  • Although Jaco lives and breathes surf, you will also find yourself enjoying a multitude of other activities. We will be sure to take you to the best local spots for food and music, get your adrenaline pumping with mountain hikes and waterfall dives, and introduce you to the best of local culture and friends.


Just an hour and a half away from San jose City and Costa Rica airport, Jacó is a little gem located in the central Pacific. With the Ocean on the west and the rain forest on the east, this booming surf town is totally surrounded by nature and wild life.


5 Surf lessons & 6 Night Accommodation in a Shared Dormitory

Boys Dorm
- 3 Bunk beds
- 2 Shared Bathrooms
- Lockers
- Fan

Girls Dorm
- 4 Bunk beds
- 2 Shared Bathrooms
- Lockers
- Fan

We can also proposed a "tailored" package if you have special requirements. Otherwise, for all types of questions, don't hesitate to send us an email at and we will answer you as soon as we can!


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Since 2009 our goal has been to make you feel at home. This is an unique place where we welcome travelers from all over the world in an inspiring yet familiar setting. Blessed to be located on a Jaco Beach property with a great family legacy, the tropical vibe of the jungle and local feel of Pura Vida of our place is the perfect setting for you next adventure.

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